Enrich your mind and your wallet.


  1. Watch a 5 Minute Video at Prageru.com.
  2. Write a 5 Minute Review at TheBredberg.com.
  3. Spend 10 minutes, earn $5 (That’s $30/hr.!!).


  1. Register at thebredberg.com
  2. Go to the Video Directory and browse or choose a topic.
  3. Watch and think.
  4. Go to Submit a Review and write a 1-5 sentence summary that includes why you agree or disagree with the premise and/or conclusion of the video.
  5. After you submit, go to your review and click on a rating at the bottom.
  6. Send an invoice after every 5 videos you review to my Venmo.
  7. Bonus: Read your colleagues reviews and comment or rate. (This is a free service by you!!)
  8. Get smart, get rich with this simple internet method I’ve discovered.

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