Pinto transmission courtesy of Cortina Phil. It’s a wide-ration, but it will do just fine for now. The goal is to get this on the road in 2 years. Once it’s drive-able, I’ll think about upgrading to a close or semi-close ratio. Although, this might turn out to be just fine.

Chassis Sketches

This chassis is a hybrid using multiple sources. S2, DSK, Prince, etc. Trying to stay as close as possible to original S2/S3 chassis proportions, especially keeping a low hood line. Stretching a few tings just enough so I can actually fit in it and drive comfortably. Although “comfort” is a relative term.

A Clue

In the background is a clue. I was fascinated by these odd little cars.   And lurking in the background here. (Wobbly webs, even)

How it Began

My valuable contribution to the race strategy meeting.   Game face on. Look out Paul Newman, I’m coming for you.   The big Healey is no match for the dreaded Turner.   That’s how to turn a Turner.   New Livery,   Crew Chief. With Coke and donut in hand. Must have been before the health food craze.   Fashion Icon!   We eventually ran out of duct tape. Back