Picked up a nice set of Cortina GT wheels from Cortina Phil. 13 x 4.5, not to fat, not to thin. Extra bonus, they’re all date coded to 1969, that’s just about right for the look I’m going for.

Authentic Nardi

I think this was purchased in Italy by my dad in 1963. He had it on his Sprite, then I had it on my Sunbeam Alpine in the 1980s. I sold it with the car by mistake then had to track down the new owner and beg for it back. Wish I could use it on the 7, but I’m not sure if the diameter will work.  


I’ve been collecting gauges from ebay whenever I see a good deal. These are Smiths from MGB and Spridget applications. Maybe not exactly correct, but they match and are suited for the period.


Pinto transmission courtesy of Cortina Phil. It’s a wide-ration, but it will do just fine for now. The goal is to get this on the road in 2 years. Once it’s drive-able, I’ll think about upgrading to a close or semi-close ratio. Although, this might turn out to be just fine.

Chassis Sketches

This chassis is a hybrid using multiple sources. S2, DSK, Prince, etc. Trying to stay as close as possible to original S2/S3 chassis proportions, especially keeping a low hood line. Stretching a few tings just enough so I can actually fit in it and drive comfortably. Although “comfort” is a relative term.